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Unity 3d Trails FX Package 1.7

Trails FX renders smooth path behind moving articles and characters. It utilizes GPU instancing and utilize right straightforwardness request, making hypnotizing, long and performant trails.

Trails FX accompanies numerous choices which permits you to make an incredible assortment of impacts from basic shading trail to rainbow surface stamps and space bending impacts.


✓ Simple to utilize. Add a content to your moving articles and alter the conduct and presence of the path.

✓ Works with any 3D article and energized cleaned network renderers.

✓ Different path impacts included: "Shading", "Surface Stamp", "Clone", "Space Distortion", "Layout" and "Run".

✓ Choice to initiate the impact for specific person liveliness.

✓ Part of visual customization choices: position, shading changes, length, blur along time and then some.

✓ Make profiles to save and reuse settings.

✓ Impact can be delivered in Edit and Play modes, as well as in Scene View.

✓ Demo scene included.

✓ 100 percent source code included.

Similarity: - Requires Unity 2019.4 or later - Upholds built-in and URP pipelines. - Requires GPU instancing ability (see this page for viable stages).

Have any question or issue? Please visit our support forum or contact us by email.

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