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Underground Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack 2021 Free Download

New 2021 Release with extra sounds and climates and separate layers and sounds for greater adaptability. Soundcloud Preview

Youtube Preview

This is a wide assortment of underground airs which incorporates burrows, sewers, metro displays, normal caverns, ice sinkholes and counterfeit underground places of all sizes and profundities.

In this pack you will track down frightening prisons, plagued with mice where you can hear the hints of entryways and chains in the profundity of hallways, and perhaps somebody shouting in desolation.

Or on the other hand wet passages with water trickling all over, an incidental scary metallic sounds from the old corroded designs stowing away in obscurity. A slight breeze blows, making a dull and unnerving environment.

Likewise Ice sinkholes loaded up with unusual animals. You can feel the cool, you can hear the breeze crying, and a little stream of dissolved ice behind the scenes. The ringing of icicles reverberating off the frozen dividers.

Also sewers. We can hear a ton of water trickling from a few sources and th whirlwinds wailing breeze every now and then. Hatches opening and spilling out a thick and foul substance. Mice and bats appear to be the principle inhabitants of these halls. There is a consistent thunder behind the scenes that is by all accounts coming from profound profundities of the earth, giving the impression of vast passages. The climate is thick, wet and terrifying.

You will likewise track down climates of deserted palaces, old religious communities, regular sinkholes from there, the sky is the limit.

Note that every one of the sounds in this library are produced using scratch and have been made totally falsely. In spite of the fact that I made a great deal of field and studio accounts for this collection, the last audio effects are the consequence of a tedious, serious blend of various sound components, sound plan and tweaking work.


- Sewers Loops (with or without dream)

- Deserted Castle Ice Caverns (with or without dream)

- Priest Monastery Dungeons (with or without dream)

- Fake Underground Atmospheres Caves and Caverns (with or without dream)

- Fake passages

- Extra Underground Sounds and Atmospheres

- Separate layers for all airs.

Number of Audio Waves: 244

Test rate/bit rate: 48 kHz, 24bit Stereo WAVs

Do Sound Atmospheres circle: Yes

Minutes of sound gave: 280 Minutes

Rundown of sounds: http://www.ogsoundfx.com/Documents/Underground_Atmospheres_List_Of_Sounds_2021f

Get in touch with me here: olivier@ogsoundfx.com

Also go along with me on my site: https://www.bamsfx.com

Additionally look at my Youtube channel committed to my Sound Design work: https://www.youtube.com/ogsoundfx

This Package Just for Education Purpose.

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