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Ultimate Character Controller

Updated: Mar 24, 2022


⭐Presently incorporates a Drive Ability, Magic Items, and Split Screen support!⭐

Opie's Ultimate Character Controller is the most impressive person regulator on the Asset Store. It is an expert, kinematic character regulator intended to dominate in all areas: PC, portable, console, AI, organizing, and VR.

This bundle incorporates shooter, scuffle, enchantment, throwable, and electric lamp things with a first and third individual viewpoint.

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✔️Remarkable Features

The regulator contains many elements not ordinarily found in other person regulators - from the consistent first and third individual point of view change to the spring framework which considers liquid, procedural first individual liveliness. Other exceptional elements incorporate the capacity framework, dynamic gravity, and having the option to change the time scale on a for each character premise.

✔️Uncommon Quality and Modularity

Numerous resources attempt to do excessively. The whole focal point of the Ultimate Character Controller is to be an incredible person regulator. The secluded plan takes into account combinations with resources that dominate in different regions.

✔️Simply Getting Started?

Utilize the recordings to get an outline of the framework and afterward set it all up with the Character and Item Builder. You'll have another person investigating your reality in a moment or two.

✔️Progressed User?

You'll adore the particular plan and customization that the regulator offers. In excess of 300 pages of documentation clarifies how the framework functions.

✔️Local area

Our regulators have been utilized by a huge number of clients. The regulator was at first made in 2012 and it has been in dynamic advancement from that point forward. Join our local area to see where we are going!

✔️Regulator Features

• Kinematic Character Controller

• First and Third Person Camera Controller

• Flawlessly Switch Perspectives

• Dynamic Gravity System

• Progressed Moving Platform System

• Extensible Ability System

• Procedural Spring Animations

• Full Body Awareness

• Part Screen Support

• Reverse Kinematics (IK)

• Dynamic Effects with Surface System

• Harm System

• Construct Characters in Seconds

✔️Thing Features

• Wide Variety of Shoutable Weapons

• Wide Variety of Melee Weapons

• Scuffle Block, Parry and Counter Attacks

• Bouncing Melee Attacks

• Scuffle Recoil Animations

• Extensible Magic Items

• Throwable Items

• Electric lamp

• Unique Attacks

• Apparent Trajectory Curve

• Pickup Objects

• Object Pooler

• Construct Items in Seconds


• Adjust to Ground

• Adjust to Gravity Zone

• Harm Visualization

• Pass on

• Drive

• Fall

• Follow 2.5D Path

• Conventional

• Tallness Change

• Inactive

• Collaborate

• Thing Equip Verifier

• Thing Pullback

• Bounce

• Lean

• Check out

• Move Towards

• Names Movement

• Pickup Item

• Speedy Start

• Speedy Stop

• Speedy Turn

• Ragdoll

• Limit Position

• Limit Rotation

• Resuscitate

• Ride

• Rideable

• Turn Towards

• Slide

• Speed Change

• Stop Movement Animation

• Target Orbit

✔️Development Types

• First Person Combat

• First Person Free Look

• Third Person 2.5D

• Third Person Adventure

• Third Person Combat

• Third Person Point and Click

• Third Person RPG

• Third Person Top Down


• A* Pathfinding Project

• Experience Creator

• Conduct Designer

• Cinema chine

• Overbearing person

• Destroy It

• Discourse System

• Simple Touch

• Edy's Vehicle Physics

• Last IK

• FPS Mesh Tool

• Top quality Render Pipeline (HDRP)

• Horse Anisette Pro

• InControl

• Input System

• Love/Hate

• Ace Audio

• NWH Vehicle Physics

• Playmaker

• Puppet Master

• Journey Machine

• Practical Car Controller

• Revamped

• Extreme Inventory System


• Widespread Render Pipeline

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