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Surface Library




A pack of photorealistic materials for Unity. These materials were produced using genuine world photographs of the surface and painstakingly made into materials.

This bundle right now has 16 materials, in any case, will develop to at least 50 materials later on, in the event that upheld this bundle could arrive at 100+ materials. At the point when more materials are added this bundle's cost will develop, so purchase while it is modest! The last cost will be $1 for each 3 materials.

Old resources in the pack are 2k and contain A,N,S channels. In any case, all new increments to the library incorporate 4k A,AO,S,H channels.

Criticism is valued 100% of the time!

FAQ 1. How would I know the nature of these materials?

1a. Look at the screen captures!:

2. Might I at any point involve these resources in business projects?

2a. Obviously, you got it!

3. Could I at any point involve these surfaces and materials in HDRP or LWRP?

3.a I don't straightforwardly uphold it, notwithstanding, you can utilize the material redesign apparatus (in the Render Pipelines) to update the materials

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