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MK Toon - Stylized Shade

Link(s): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/slug/178415

MK Toon is an artist-friendly and feature-rich stylized shade, which is able to achieve very customized non-photorealistic visuals. The shade follows a physically based input to create a local ant aliased & stylized output. This shade is compatible with the Built-in, Lightweight, and Universal Render Pipelines. The package includes standard and particles shade variations.

pass: .cup


MK Toon is a craftsman cordial and component rich adapted shade, which can accomplish extremely tweaked non-photorealistic visuals. The shade follows an actually based contribution to make a neighborhood ant aliased and adapted yield. This shade is viable with the Built-in and Universal Render Pipelines. The bundle incorporates standard and particles shade varieties.

⤴️NEW! : Global User Config Section

Demo: Windows

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Notwithstanding the adapted delivering, the shade can be utilized as an upgraded standard shade just by changing the light model. The shade additionally handles contingency plans consequently for a high strength across practically all stages. In view of the arrangement the shade strips away unused shade code to ensure the most extreme conceivable exhibition. To give a simple to utilize versatile work process the custom material proofreader is changed towards craftsmen. Each element can be joined with one another to make another special style.

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