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MFPS 2.0: Multiplayer FPS

Updated: Apr 12, 2022




MFPS 2.0 is a high level multiplayer first-individual game unit to help launch the advancement of your own online multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) game. this layout incorporates every one of the fundamentals and huge loads of cutting edge frameworks that all multiplayer shooters require, this game system is extremely cleaned, using the most recent Unity game motor advances with high proficiency and execution. Counting an expert UI utilizing full UGUI, player Mechanism liveliness, and a lot of choices to modify as you would prefer and needs. Using the Photon PUN 2 as the organization arrangement, you have 3 different game modes in the center of the pack: Free for All, Team Death Match, and Capture the Flag. Furthermore, there are 4 player classes that you can adjust as you would prefer and 6 various types of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade, and Knife. This pack is AAA designs prepared and effectively adaptable. The completely decoupled C# scripts make this pack one of the most incredible online multiplayer improvement resources on the planet.

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