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MCS Caves & Overhangs





This expansion REQUIRES Mesh Combine Studio 2

* Upholds Unity 2017.x, 2018.x, 2019.x, 2020.x and 2021.x .

* Upholds all stages (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, WebGL, VR, and so on.).

* Upholds Standard Rendering, URP and HDRP.

* Upholds all cross section designs that Unity upholds (.fix, .ob., .bargain, 3ds, .skip, and so forth.).

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This expansion gives the most ideal exhibition by utilizing the least demanding method for getting astounding looking Caves and Overhangs on any territory arrangement.

The simplest method for making caverns and shades (and most attractive) is by stacking your stone models inside the Unity Editor. The issues:

1). It's awful for execution since there's a ton of rock math (triangles) that covers with different shakes or are beneath the landscape. Such countless triangles are drawn that are never noticeable and this likewise results in overdraw on the GPU which decreases execution.

2). It's awful for lightmapping. Lightmapping gives the most attractive outcomes particularly on caves however a great deal of lightmap surface space (expansion in memory required) is squandered with the never apparent stone triangles.

This MCS augmentation settles those issues in a couple of snaps and eliminates all rock triangles that are rarely apparent. What we estimated is that it eliminates ~60-75% of the stone triangles in the fields for our game D.R.O.N.E.

It beats execution of GPU Instancing, similarly as with lattice cell based joining and just 1/3 of the first triangles to draw it's conspicuous whose the victor.


* Viable with any stones resource pack.

* Viable with Unity territory, any Voxel landscape and territory network arrangement.

* Decreases draw calls by utilizing MCS cell-based consolidating.

* A lot quicker than GPU Instancing.

* Calculation decrease of ~60-80%.

* ~3x quicker to deliver.

* ~3x less over draw on the GPU.

* ~3x less expensive shadows.

* ~3x decreased lightmap surface space required (while utilizing lightmapping).

* ~3x decreased memory required contrasted with Static Batching or Classic Combining.

* Less expensive colliders (physical science).

* Upholds lightmapping.

* Upholds LODs.

If it's not too much trouble, remember this is an enhancement expansion for Mesh Combine Studio and not an Art Asset. There's just a single stone model included for the model Scene. Interestingly, you can utilize any of your stone Assets, with the condition that the stone models are shut lattices.

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