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Managed Singletons




Overseen Singletons is a Singleton code suite intended to give the important Singleton usefulness and wipe out normal issues DTT experienced while working with them. All in all, this suite can save you many hours worth of troubleshooting and testing.


Different kinds of Singletons, for example, Classic, Lazy (possibly made when called), Scene (generally dynamic in their given scene, never beyond it), and Editor.

An unmistakable supervisor window that gives an outline of singletons you have made in the undertaking and permits you to design how your singletons are made during the lifetime of your application.

Adaptability of singleton creation by making them accessible before the principal scene is stacked. This guarantees your singletons are made autonomous of which scene you start in.

Accessibility of singletons anytime during the application's lifecycle.

An inquiry or idea? We couldn't imagine anything better than to hear from you.

We are effectively fostering this resource, with numerous future updates and expansions previously arranged. We are anxious to remember input from our clients for future updates, be they 'personal satisfaction' upgrades, new elements, or bug fixes.

In the event that you have any inquiries with respect to the utilization of this resource (previously or in the wake of buying it), consistently go ahead and reach us at

Surveys and evaluations are particularly valued, as they assist us with being found and to work on our resources.

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