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low poly shop center 1

Link(s): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/exterior/low-poly-shop-center-1-196335



Low poly shop place 1

Outside/inside/room/furniture/game prepared resources

sorts of premises : stores/lobby/storeroom/game room/bistro/eatery/bar/latrine/rub/bowling/club/security/film/beautician/relax/exercise center/cheap food

860 exceptional items! 200k triangles full set pack. 800k triangles place

each floor has a lower level 1.0 - so the whole condo should be visible from the right point and second level 1.1 - which covers the dividers to the roof and permits you to utilize the house to play in 360.

The house has 4 stories

Wardrobes, beds, couches, bedside tables, seats, instruments, tables, plants, pictures, kitchen machines, coolers, gas ovens, apparatuses, with this set you can make any room, loft!

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