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L.V.E 2019 - Lava & Volcano Environment 2019


Link(s): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/terrain/l-v-e-2019-lava-volcano-environment-2019-147383#releases

Link(s): https://send.cm/d/96KW https://sharemods.com/qedjysg8wp1x/LVE1.7.1.part1.rar.html https://sharemods.com/9htd3i4rwp7d/LVE1.7.1.part2.rar.html

To run HD or URP, LW RP kindly import pack to HD or LW RP undertaking and afterward import support pack which is inside the resource in "HD and LW RP support" or "HD and URP support" organizer. It will supplant shades, prefabs, networks so they will work with RP out of the container. If it's not too much trouble, likewise check readme documents inside that envelope.

L.V.E 2019-Lava and Volcano Environment 2019 is new remake and broadened adaptation of L.V.E. It is huge pack of climate, frameworks, apparatuses, surfaces, particles, post handling stacks and models which empower you to make fountains of liquid magma, caves, insides, waterways in great outcome and exceptionally modest in render arrangement. Our spline and vertex paint apparatuses which are remembered for this pack will uphold many extremely progressed frameworks/expressions. Recreation apparatus empower you to make magma waterway which is precise to territory shape through 3 amuse clicks. You just set primary point and snap reproduce. Material science scripts enable you to stream objects on magma surface and hotness at Realtime. You likewise could warm static articles which contact magma out of the crate through our shade and script. Rocks and surfaces in this packs could likewise be utilized as space rocks, or ordinary climate. All resources, post handling, demos from video are remembered for the pack. Instructional exercise scene will assist you with getting full information regarding highlights. Pack cooperate with our stream water frameworks - R.A.M 2019. One spline and framework to run them all! Simply play with it!


# 1 Spline apparatus:

- make exceptionally progressed associated magma waterway organizations (lakes, rivers,);

- programmed flow map with commotions;

- alter your magma waterway/lake by means of vertex paint;

- alter/overwrite programmed waterway/lake stream map by painter and shift it's course and speed;

- material science reenactment for objects that stream on magma surface;

- programmed warming for objects that stream or contact magma surface;

-mimic magma waterway instrument, arrangement 1 point and L.V.E will analyze space to make magma stream;

- scale, move, pivot any magma waterway point;

- snap/unsnap into the territory or models on the whole or isolated focuses;

- change spline shape per point or in all focuses to make most attractive street or waterway;

- change triangle sum and distribute them in spline space to get less expensive and most attractive spline;

- make remarkable magma waterway with: cascades, slow, quick, lake,;

- turn, modify up to make similarity with each surface course;

- profile framework - save your magma arrangement and change to other in 2 seconds;

- programmed stream network reviving framework to stay away from waterway associations issues;

- place your magma waterway or bluff boundary with few moments and mix it with landscape through vertex tone;

- investigate your stream map/ordinary/vertex tones with cutting edge troubleshoot shade to come by best and clear outcome;

- shape, paint and foliage eliminate framework for solidarity landscape;

- programmed stone warming capacity;

- R.A.M 2019 similarity;

- Programming interface;

- CSV focuses import board;

- Vegetation Studio support;

- Vegetation Studio PRO help;

- Streaming well disposed - cut your waterway into sub meshes or splines;

- New solidarity territory support Unity 2018.3+;

- HD and URP, LW RP support;

- Numerous Terrains support;

# 2 Shade and material highlights :

- modest in render;

- 16 shades and variations to fit scene execution and visual angle;

- extraordinary portable shades;

- vertex paint apparatus;

- decoration support;

- stream map support;

- vertex shading support;

- edge light help;

- unique shade for frozen magma;

- up to 3 different magma layers support;

- standard magma material in specular, metallic variants and vertex paint support for models;

- up free materials for precipices/inside dividers with landscape mixing;

- smoke and flash molecule shades;

- warmed/mutilated air molecule shade;

- magma waterway shades could pivot UV from U/ - U into V/ - V bearings;

- shades deals with straight and gamma delivering (you just need to shading and emanation intensively for gamma);

- pattern shades versions for models;

# 3 Artistic substance:

- 99 (14 sets) Top and HQ ground and magma waterway surfaces (Albedo, Normal, AO, Height, Emission);

- 39 (14sets) rock and precipices atlases surfaces (Albedo, Normal, AO, Height, Emission);

- 40 stone prefabs (20 models);

- 18 precipice prefabs (9 models);

- 11 molecule prefabs, even spring of gushing lava blast with missed rocks.;

- 2 cats profile document to get landscape stature mix result by 1 snap;

- 3 demo scenes from video;

- instructional exercise/realize how demo scene;

- post process stack for every scene;

# 4 Additional devices content:

- vertex and flow map painter on networks;

- physical science contents to cause your stones stream and to consume when they hit magma;

- programmed warming contents when rock heat the magma;

Gathering LINK

Check likewise our R.A.M - River Auto Material which is based at same spline innovation. Joins are beneath.

Go ahead and contact and visit us at: Discord Channel

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