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Japanese alley environment pack Unreal Engine

Specialized Details


Design pieces

Nitty gritty prop

Decals (3 x Logo)

Outline - Spline Mesh (electric wire)

Climate Effect (Rain, moth, Cherry bloom)

Early show Animation (Rotary sushi)

Dynamic Lighting and Post-process settings

Surface Sizes:

2048x2048 : 61

1024x1024 : 49

512x512 : 30

256x256 : 24

256x16 : 1

128x128 : 1

Impact: Yes (custom and naturally created)

Lightmap UV: Yes (All custom)

LODs: 4

Vertex Count: Check GALLERY

Number of Meshes: 121

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 63

Number of Textures: 156

Upheld Development Platforms: Windows

Upheld Target Build Platforms: Window

1 x Demo map

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