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HQ Survival Pack Unity 3d

A Complete resource pack, loaded with High Quality 3D models(190+ Prefabs) and icons(190+), individually.

[Craftsmanship Assets]:

• Building Parts: 35 Prefabs

• Gear: 20 Prefabs

• Objects: 17 Prefabs

• Apparatuses: 23 Prefabs

• Weapons: 28 Prefabs

• Embellishing Objects: 17 Prefabs

• Symbols: 184


• Symbols are 256x or 128x

• 3D Models

• 2K and 4K

• 512 and 1024 a couple

• Weapons and Tools have Pickups/LODs included, which are named (_World);

• Each Prefab has colliders with the exception of Weapons And Tools.

Assuming you preferred this resource, you can look at my different resources:

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