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HQ Retro Farmhouse (Modular)

Link(s): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/hq-retro-farmhouse-modular-154929#releases

Version 1.2.2(current

Released: Nov 27, 2020

Link(s): https://drive.google.com/file/d/11NGYD7Lg9Lvr9icffbQwLLviSQXa0RwG/view


URP and HDRP is presently upheld "out of the crate"!

Far away from large urban communities you will observe this quiet spot, where you can feel the comfort of a province house and hear the pop of vinyl sitting in a rocker close to the chimney...

HQ Retro Farmhouse - it's a general particular house with a great deal of adaptable stuff included.

►-----True to life VIDEO (delivered in Unity)- - - - - ◄


Do you want a clean splendid house or a deserted messy one, injected with a magical environment? Forget about it!

The houses made with this pack could be totally unique, have any designs, various shadings, examples and age.

almost 100% of all that you see here can be changed with not many snaps: every one of the dividers, rooftop, roof, floors, windows, entryways, and large props, for example, couch, seats, kitchen set, beds, chimney, bath, tables, storage rooms and some more.


This pack has its own particular framework which accelerate the structure interaction of new houses in couple of times and makes this cycle a lot and much smoother and centered, in light of the fact that you don't have to relocate module prefabs each time in your scene any longer. You simply drag one uber module, and select required sort of it from its connection point with a solitary snap.


All the stuff in this pack has been made with a high thoughtfulness regarding subtleties and industry norms, so your scenes will look undeniable, imaginative and enhanced.

Principle highlights:

• particularity (with discretionary own secluded framework);

• customization of nearly everything;

• north of 500 items;

• LOD-gatherings;

• around 620k triangles in the demo scene (with empowered LODs and debilitated unique lighting);

• surface goals up to 4k;

• openable entryways, windows, drawers;

• prearranged entryways;

• outside and inside;

• Implicit, HDRP, URP support;

• "Out of the case" backing of URP and HDRP with the demo scenes arrangement;

• Reward: incorporated the light form of Object Placement Tool.


P.S.: I'll be exceptionally blissful in the event that you leave an audit!

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