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Horror Music FX Collection with Multi-Level Music v2.0

Updated: Apr 12, 2022




Enormous assortment of frightfulness styled music, atoms, sounds and FX! (track list in screen captures)

100+ remarkable music tracks + sounds

2GB worth of great sound (44.1-48k)

different packs and organizers inside.

This music will establish the vibe for your additional amazingly exhilarating games.

There are different 'stripped' adaptations of the music and sounds to utilize how you need. This implies if you have any desire to save the full 'meat+potatos' for later in your venture, you can prod it for certain sounds and stripped forms first

There is likewise the first form of this pack inside. this contained three areas of music with shifting force in each. This will go from encompassing/investigating music the whole way through to full battle music.

On the off chance that this gains forward momentum, I will make this pack bigger with more stingers, more regions, more degrees of force. Alter: I did ;)


Assuming you utilize this in anything, if it's not too much trouble, go ahead and email me as I generally love to see where my music goes, and If I'm keen on your work, I could constantly, make some music for you explicitly!

Ought to work with everything as it is sound wav.

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