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Gaia Pro - Terrain & Scene Generator Free Download

Update: Gaia Pro 2021 - Terrain & Scene Generator Version 3.2.1(current)


Gaia Pro is a strong, across the board world age, improvement and streaming framework that makes dazzling versatile, vr, control center and work area scenes and scenes that run well and look incredible in minutes.

It conveys basic, quick and beautiful scenes, land shaping, finishing, planting and procedural substance situation involving our resources or yours as you like.

With Gaia Pro you will:

Select your reality size and target stage;

Make your landscape by stepping mountains, slopes, plateaus, lakes and streams;

Bring forth your biome to surface, plant, and populate your reality procedurally;

Arrangement your lighting, wind, water, regulators, winnowing and post fx with a tick;

Press play and investigate your reality.

Gaia Pro saves you time, cash and anguish by including all that you want to rejuvenate your vision, and make studio quality scenes, territories and scenes in hours and days rather than long stretches of time.

You can be fully operational around your excellent climate in minutes!

Key Features:

Gaia Pro is an arrangement of frameworks intended to robotize numerous parts of world age, activity and streaming. It has every one of the elements of Gaia in addition to:

Wizard driven arrangement advanced for target stage

Secluded plan, use so a lot or as little as you need

Huge world age with multi landscape and streaming help

Utilize our substance or yours with our strong and extensible biome framework

Plan your reality by blending and coordinating stamps with constant reviews

Picture territory and content situation with strong stackable channels

Different skies, lighting (counting season of day), vfx and sound fx frameworks

Dazzling expertly planned snow capped and calm backwoods biomes

"Standard Unity" way to deal with amplify similarity with different devices

Incorporates lattice and vegetation shaders with weather conditions support

In the first place, third, flying, vr/xr and vehicle character regulators

Climate framework with downpour and snow support

Elite execution water framework and shaders

Builtin, URP and HDRP support

Landscape Mesh Export framework

Why Gaia PRO ?

Gaia Pro is the best Unity landscape instrument ever with more than 1000 5* appraisals, 500+ composed audits, and was even the victor of the "Best Artistic Tool" in the 2020 Unity Awards.

GAIA PRO saves you time, cash and despair by including numerous costly resources into one incorporated, improved and expertly upheld framework that conveys greater capacity, ease of use and execution for less cash, and less time.

What is our clients' take on Gaia Pro

Disappointingly Easy and User Friendly

That is it?? It's too simple to even think about utilizing. I've gotten so used to epically disappointing hair-pulling endeavors to make a resource curve to my will that when something simply works it becomes vexing. I'll have to deliberately attack my work and solicitation terrible lethargic help just to feel typical. ;- ) Jokes to the side, I'm simply happy I got Gaia. :- )

Amazing apparatus, extraordinary compatiblity

I messed myself up throughout the most recent year blending and matching resources for do what this does from the beginning, Should have utilized Gaia since I possessed it when it was first delivered.

Blown away

I didn't understand how much this planned to help me towards my advancement objectives until I began utilizing it... I had such countless scenes in my mind that I didn't have any idea how I planned to accomplish, and presently I see a way ahead for a considerable lot of them.

Test Assets Included:

We incorporate the accompanying examples for you to use in your own games:

Skies by Procedural Worlds;

Sounds from Ambient Sounds by Procedural Worlds;

3D Low Poly Adventure from Synty Studios;

3D Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge;

Grasses from Turboscalpeur;

Surfaces from NatureManufacture.

Star Assets Included:

Made explicitly to flaunt the force of Gaia Pro we likewise incorporate the accompanying expertly created resources and consolidate them into our biomes:

20 matched PBR territory surface sets;

9 lattice based blossoms;

30 plants and ground covers including mushrooms, blossoms, berries and hedges;

45 photogrammetry upgraded trees;

11 photogrammetry upgraded shakes and stones;

5 molecule frameworks including birds, butterflies, dust ashes, leaves and dust;

5 sound zones, and various music tracks and sound fx;

Various skies and matched lighting and post fx;

A few biomes in view of these resources.

Include Comparison:

Gaia Pro - All of Gaia 2 PLUS:

Monstrous World Creation Support

Non Destructive Massive World Edit Support

Monstrous World Streaming and Culling Support

Extra stepping and disintegration tasks

Extra concealing tasks

Veil trading framework

Spawnable VFX framework and resources

Spawnable Sound FX framework and resources

Coordinated Weather System with downpour and snow

Season of Day Lighting System

HQ Photogrametry Enhanced Biome Assets and Presets

Different pre-designed biomes

Low-poly-style Terrain Mesh Conversion.

Gaia Pro 2021 - All of Gaia Pro PLUS:

World Designer - completely procedural world generator

Vegetation Grass/Detail System - sped up grass framework (HDRP beta)

Photograph Mode - marvelous runtime photograph creation framework

World Space Masks - world space picture and distance covers

Territory Addition/Deletion support - progressively become your reality

Biome Based Stamping - shape your landscape as a feature of your biome

Landscape Stitching Tool - dynically associate territories to eliminate holes

GAIA API - call Gaia capacities inside manager.

Still not certain ?

Try Gaia 2 out all things considered. Gaia 2 is a chopped down variant of Gaia Pro. The redesign from Gaia 2 to Gaia Pro is limited to guarantee that regardless of whether you attempt Gaia 2 first, you won't be cash based when you move up to Gaia Pro.

Outsider Licenses:

Gaia contains test resources from different distributers that have been incorporated with their consent, shaders got from the Unity Standard Shaders bundle, and conceals got from the Unity Terrain Tools bundle and made accessible for use under the Unity Companion License. Data about these licenses have been remembered inside the applicable registries for Gaia.

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