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Flat Kit: Toon Shading and Water


unity package

Link(s): https://www.file-up.org/cw4dw6mwz8r5

unpacked (zip)

Link(s): https://www.file-up.org/3bvwvcgdwg17



The custom concealing model is sufficiently flexible to turn out extraordinary for exemplary cel/toon concealing and for one of a kind styles of exploratory ventures.

Demo Video | Full documentation and FAQ


✔ Cleaned Toon/Cel concealing with loads of capacities (see beneath)

✔ Adapted water - very flexible shader and resources that can deal with anything from espresso in a cup to a vast sea. Incorporates float script for drifting items to stay on a superficial level. The water shader is accessible just in URP.

✔ Diagram impact: profundity, ordinary and shading traces that works both with isometric and viewpoint cameras.

✔ Angle mist: Multi-stop even/vertical slope Fog Image Effect

✔ Territory shader that works with Unity or outsider landscape

✔ Light Plane shader for 3D features and god beams

✔ Portable help

✔ Implicit and URP support - the surface shaders and post-handling impacts support both delivering pipelines.

Decent rewards:

• Exact command over shadows - ideal for character lighting

• Capacity to control Unity worked in shadows

• Roundabout lighting support

• Natural, straightforward and smoothed out interface - utilize just what you really want

• Shading the scene definitively - without mystery

• Full source code

• Expounded web-based manual

• Vertex shading support, including Polybrush

• Assuming you get Flat Kit you additionally get half markdown on Quibli! Look at how Quibli and Flat Kit complete one another. Together they bring an extreme adapted delivering arrangement

Center toon shader outline:

★ Cel concealing with parametric banding: single, steps, bend

★ Autonomous cel layers that can be layered to accomplish remarkable look.

★ Stature inclination layer

★ Layout shader with numerous modes

★ Mix among ordinary and cel concealing with a slider

★ Specular and edge lighting bring adapted lighting controls to your items

★ Typical guide support

★ Reusable custom lighting in a shader library that you can coordinate in your shaders (not needed).

The bundle incorporates:

➕ 4 uber-shaders with loads of switches and boundaries

➕ Custom lighting library for toon concealing

➕ 2 post-handling impacts: mist and layout

➕ 11 demo scenes

➕ 100+ models

➕ 20+ material presets

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