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Female Warrior - Animation Pack

Female Warrior - Animation Pack Suggested for a RPG game, a lady hero or adversary type character, fighter sort of battle.

Ideal for spirits like game.

Fundamental Animation List:

1 Parry (RM and InP)

1 Riposte (RM and InP)

16 Running (RM and InP)

9 Walk (RM and InP) 1

Sprint (RM and InP)

7 Heavy Reaction Hits (RM and InP)

4 Small Reaction Hits (RM and InP)

2 Sit Down (RM and InP)

1 Defense Pose

Specialized Details Highlights: Movements for RPG type game, for lady hero or adversary Reasonable activity's were made with movement catch Ideal for spirits like game Champion kind of battle Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes Manipulated:

Yes Fixed to Epic Skeleton: Yes Enlivened:

Yes Number of Characters:

1 Vertex Counts of Characters: N/A Surface Resolutions:

N/A Number of Animations: 117 Movement

Types: Root Motion and set up Upheld Development Platforms:

Windows Upheld Target Build Platforms:

Windows Motor Compatibility: 4.18+

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