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Elevator and Waiting Room Music Pack

Link(s): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/audio/music/elevator-and-waiting-room-music-pack-114638

Link(s): https://send.cm/d/98LX https://drop.download/wfuzp28088qz https://sharemods.com/1exonvw335le/Elevator_and_Waiting_Room_Music_Pack_1.0.unitypackage.html


Lift and Waiting Room Music Pack

Add quiet and a parlor energy to your games with these 8 tracks that will take the music of your game higher than ever at a low cost.

This melodies can be utilized in your games in situations like lifts, sitting areas, lodgings, bars, lounges, holding up screens, and so forth

- They are wonderful to set up the climate.

- This music has Boss Nova and Jazz motivations blended in with a videogame music vibe.

[Use them again and again]

Utilize the music again and again, in any of your tasks or creations, always with next to no extra expenses or sovereignties. Utilize the music in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter crusade, any place you want to, however much you need to.

[Proficient sound services]

For custom music, sound plan, sound designing or some other game sound administrations, kindly send a mail to: audioalchemiststore@gmail.com

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