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Classic Motor Bike

Link(s): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/vehicles/land/classic-motor-bike-202841#releases

Version 1.0(current)

Released: Feb 11, 2022


This resource contains a 3D model of a Classic Motor Bike, this resource could undoubtedly be coordinated into any climate. It is a profoundly definite model with adaptable surface. This model guarantees you a flawless and clean plan that would totally make the coordination of this resource in your game/climate a lot more straightforward. The model permits you to change the bicycle surfaces and make it substantially more intriguing and stylish according to your necessities. It is a low poly model. The poly counts for the given model are Vertices: 33,358 and Triangles: 65,486. Alongside the referenced element this model has something like 3 surfaces in Atlas. The model divisions for this undertaking are the handle, Back tire, Front tire. It tends to be modified into 2 distinct shadings for example Dark and silver Color. The resource come is a Fix Format.

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