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Cilantro Flight Simulator Toolkit




Cilantro Flight System furnishes AAA flight recreation physical science with magnificent streamlined features, exceptionally practical motors and airplane parts, which can be effectively set up and controlled.

It very well may be utilized to recreate any airplane type, from subsonic or supersonic planes to propeller-fueled aero planes or unpowered/controlled lightweight flyers.


NEW! Taxi and Takeoff AI usefulness and demo scene added; Sample

NEW! Further developed flight control framework with Command Augmentation, Stability Augmentation and Autonomous activity modes

NEW! Full Autopilot control with Altitude hold, speed hold, heading hold and vertical speed limiter choices.

NEW! Vortex lift + drag examination and worked on mathematical remedies to offer full help for unsteady airframes - Mirage Test

Update Log

[Key Features]

* Viable with Unity 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 [Code can in any case be utilized in 5.6 and 2017 versions]

* Viable with Android and IOS gadgets

* Full C# source code.

* Nitty gritty Aerodynamic System: All powers on the airplane are determined in light of standard streamlined standards and equations. Airfoil information can be imported straightforwardly from java foil in both txt or fall document design

* Various control surface executions are additionally accessible for the air foil framework, for example, Aileron, Rudder, Elevator, Spoilers, Flaps, Slats, Elevons and so forth.

* Sensible Engines: Various motor sorts like Turboprop, Piston, Turboshaft, Electric, Turbojet, Liftman and Turbofan motors with full thermodynamic examination. Push vectoring and variable fumes spout additionally accessible for the motors. * Central information framework with help for standard Unity input, Unity's new Input System, Custom VR and versatile controls.

• Full VR support: - Control Test

* Support for Logitech, Thrustmeter and different Joysticks viable with Unity.

* Cockpit Instruments: Full cluster of instruments for example Joystick, Yokes, Analog Dials and Digital Displays are altogether accessible.

• Custom editors for all contents and parts to give simple activity and an easy to understand insight.

* Wellbeing and Damage framework: The airplane, air foil surfaces, tanks and motors can be generally obliterated in a sensible way.

* Weapon framework: Miniguns with turning barrels, unguided drop bombs and unguided Rockets, Active and Semi-Active homing rockets with Proportional route

[Included Samples]

*12 scenes with 2 Fully arranged airplanes as different demonstrators for various frameworks;

* A-29 Super Tucano : Turboprop Engine and Propeller Powered Demonstrator

* A-10 Thunderbolt: Turbofan Powered Demonstrator

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