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Auto Hand - VR Physics Interaction



🖐 VR Physics Interaction made simple 🖐

Auto Hand is a High-Quality physical science connection framework that is intended to be easy to use and adaptable. Auto Hand incorporates online documentation and an arrangement wizard with quality choices to guarantee the best quality in light of your presentation requirements

Auto Hand incorporates a programmed present age framework that will design a hand's shape on snatch. Functions admirably with every single crude collider and lattice colliders!

Accompanies a completely stacked development regulator that incorporates smooth development, transporting, climbing, static head impact monitor frameworks.

VR material science association incorporates impacts, for example, weight, crash, two-gave getting, pull-separated breaking occasions, great tossing, distance snatching. Material science based contraptions, switches, sliders, entryways, wheel, dial, and fastens models. Auto Hand utilizes Unity Events and Tooltip documentation, making it a strong and easy to use apparatus.

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