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Aurora FPS Engine 2.1.3 Jan 14, 2022 Download Free Link


Aurora FPS Engine it's the best solution for any FPS style games. This is the most powerful engine, that implements the most advanced, unique systems and features for creating AAA games.

Render pipeline compatibility Description Aurora FPS Engine it's a powerful engine for creating first person games. Aurora FPS Engine solution, on the basis of which you can create absolutely any genre of first-person games. Whether it's a shooter, horror, action, space action or any other. Weapons and animation created by BSP.

  • Source Code included!

  • Full cross-platform compatibility!

  • HDRP and URP support (free templates included)!

  • Native support new Unity Input System!

  • Detailed and easy to use Manual!

  • Advanced game settings system!

  • Key binding system!

  • Settings saving system!

  • Emerald AI 3.0 support!

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