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Aurora FPS Engine

Link(s): https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/aurora-fps-165863


Aurora FPS Engine it's the best answer for any FPS style games. This is the most impressive motor, that carries out the most developed, extraordinary frameworks and elements for making AAA games.

Render pipeline similarity


Aurora FPS Engine it's a strong motor for making first individual games. Aurora FPS Engine arrangement, based on which you can make without question, any class of first-individual games. Whether it's a shooter, ghastliness, activity, space activity or some other.

Weapons and activity made by BSP.

| Multiplayer Template

| Moblie Template

| HDRP Template

| URP Template

| Save System

| Parkour Add-On

| Local help Emerald AI 3.0

Source Code included!

Included state based AI framework!

Full cross-stage similarity!

Local help new Unity Input System!

Itemized and simple to utilize Manual!

Game settings framework!

Key restricting framework!

Progressed Menu layout!

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