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720+ Simple Vector Icons




This is a versatile level symbols resource. It contains 728 symbols with various subjects that will suit most games and applications. The white (the variety can be changed with solidarity variety picker) symbols with a clean and moderate style will further develop any application ux. Likewise in the new form 2 you will track down similar 728 symbols with a dark blueprint. Every one of the symbols are arranged and have a place with individual organizer.


Creatures, Arrow, Awards, Bags, Battery, Bones, Clothes, Devices, Dice, Earth, Game and Toys, Gamepad, Gestures, Graph, Graphics proofreader, Hazard signs, Health and magnificence, Home, IT, Keyboard, Kitchen, Loading, Logo, Map markers, Military, Money, Nature, Office, On Off, Orientation, Other, People, Player, Religion, Smile, Social media, Store, Symbol, Temperature, Tools, Transport, UI, Weather, Wi-Fi

The items in this pack can be utilized inside business projects.

Assuming you have any solicitations for extra symbols, feel that something is missing, notice any issues or have some other inquiries, kindly let me know!

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